New technologies are nowadays part of everyday's life.
Here's the birth of a new proposal from a young and dynamic team that pays attention to the customers' tendencies and needs.
The PECILE company was born in 1974 and meant an important step forward for the field.
Today the word salesman is anachronistic. For us it means giving a complete service to the customer, changing this term looking at the future.

For us selling shoes and accessories means:

Nowadays deciding which way is the best way to follow in order to achieve a prearranged goal is getting more and more difficult.
It's not easy to anticipate fashion's tendencies and to compare ourselves with people's taste, considering the speed with which the lifestyle is changing. Everyday we are flooded with thousands of signals that are conditioning us, and a thing that is new today will already be old tomorrow, ready to be substituted by something else.
Our goal is satisfying the Customer advising him in the aimed purchase of products that are also "timeless", fashionable and dynamic.
With this new website the PECILE company offers a new service to the Customer: